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The Higher Education Commission spearheading technology based education transformation has taken an initiative of Higher Education TV channel to uplift the standard of higher education culture and also offer education counseling services to citizens of Pakistan. It has been realized that at present TV Channels in Pakistan are operative with different perspectives covering almost all the walk of life except education in general and higher education in particular, which impeding the development of knowledge society.


To address the critical need for improving communication with the stakeholders and building awareness about the National Higher Education Standards, quality assurance policies / procedures, financial management, governance and regulatory arrangement, the HEC has taken an initiative to launch education television channel. The initiative will helps in building the image of Higher Education Sector, foster clear perception about programs ad possibilities of HE Sectors presents. The channel is also aimed at providing a platform for  the students , faculty and researchers of  media and mass communication departments of universities in Pakistan to take the full advantage of channel and use their writing, directing, screening, editing and relevant skills to develop diverse contents around higher education activities and offered services by HEC & higher education institutes. Some of the awareness & counseling services are on:

  1. Scholarships offered through HEC
  2. Degree attestation process
  3. Regulations in the academic polices
  4. Testing services for admissions and scholarships
  5. Quality Assurance measurements
  6. ICT growth in public & public universities
  7. Admission procedures in different universities
  8. Research & Development in academia
  9. Professional Career Counseling
  10. Government policies / services for Higher Education community

Initial phase

To follow the spirit of Higher Education TV channel and to develop the contents it was advised to opt a “cluster model” by taking media and mass communication universities on board. The media/mass communication universities representing a cluster will be made responsible for developing contents related not only to their universities but also the universities that are in their vicinity. Since these universities have the built-in production capabilities that includes studios, script writers, producers, directors and technicians. Therefore, providing TV platform to universities would not only helps in showcasing the talent of media and mass communication students/ faculty but also helps in developing a contents for the TV channel.

Integration of TV studios with Video Conferencing for EDU TV

After the meeting the technical teams of IT Division has visited the studios of Allama Iqbal Open University, Riphah University, Sindh Madrasshatul Islam and Virtual University for integration of traditional TV Studios with IP based video conferencing. The concept implemented successfully and studios of said university were integrated with video conferencing. The success has given opportunities to universities to develop a collaborative programs with other universities regardless of geographical locations.

Status update as of 2016/ 2017

To proof the concept a program has been telecasted live on edutv.hec.gov.pk in collaboration of two studios (Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad and Riphah University Rawalpindi). The program was on a broader topic “HEC Vision 2025” that have debates and discussions of participants present at local and remote end studios.

Program on “Scholarship Guide”

After the integration of TV page with Facebook & Twitter, lots of queries have been received from the general public / students on scholarship programs. To respond those, a TV program “Scholarship Guide” has been telecasted live on edutv.hec.gov.pk. Mr. Waseem Syed Hashmi, advisor HRD and
Ms. Saima Naureen, Project Director, HRD
was invited in the program to brief the HEC scholarship




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